Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bakers Dozen Half Marathon and this and that for 2012

Random blog post #57.

So to wrap up the last year, I've included a race report of sorts, a running streak and 2012 highlights. First up, the Bakers Dozen half marathon.

December 15 brought a race put on by Cory Reese of FastCory. The race was a 3.25 mile loop run 4 times with the eating of a goody (or goodies if you were a glutton for punishment) after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lap. Bart and I got there just before the race started so we didn't get in on the group photo.

Before the race

The Goodies!

The pensive RD-Cory Reese
It was a little bit chilly and the weather progressively got wetter as the race went on even snowing by the end. This dampened no spirits whatsoever! Everyone was having so much fun stuffing their faces with delicious treats and checking out all the fun costumes, that really, I didn't even realize I had run 13 miles.
After all was said and done, we finished in about 2:52, but really that was the least important number of the day. We got to eat more treats, strut our new awesome medals and meet up with blog friends (this cute one was dressed as a Twinkie! I thought she was a hot dog because I was behind her the whole race.)

Me and Susette
Thanks Cory for an unforgettable race!
In other news, I finished my 2012 Holiday Running Streak. 36 days in a row and I only missed one (I had bronchitis the whole time and that one day I was just too sick to move). 95.18 miles total. It was more of a challege than I thought it would be. The last two days I ran one mile on the treadmill 15 minutes before midnight, then did the second mile after midnight so I could get it over with. Stupid.
All in all, I ran-
1 marathon (Top of Utah)
1 5 mile race (Dirty Dash)
1 10K Deseret News
8 half marathons
2 Bike marathons (not running,but hey-)
I also ran on a cruise ship, in a foreign country and in Hawaii. Good times!
I'm hoping that my injury problems are behind me and I look forward to running fun in 2013.
Races I've signed up for so far-
Spectrum 10K in St. George, Salt Lake Half, Top of Zion relay, Big Cottonwood half and St. George marathon (runner's series).
Tenative races-Deseret News 10K, Mesa Falls half, RnR Las Vegas half, Snow Canyon half and of course, the Bakers Dozen half!
Happy 2013!


  1. Excellent job on the runner's world challenge. I liked having something to be accountable to for the holidays.

    May I copy your photo of you and I? I think I was too wet and cold to get my camera out, plus I see a photo there to the right of us with my cousin in the background. I don't have any of her either.

    2013 here we go! May you stay healthy and strong! Bronchitis is a tough one to deal with when trying to run and not hack your lungs out!

    1. Oh sheesh nevermind about copying your photo. I do have one of me and you:)

  2. Great recap! I'm so glad you guys could come down for the Baker's Dozen.

    Well done on all your races, especially considering the injury issues. Happy 2013 to you and the rest of the family!